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2004 Website Statistics

Total Photos / Images Added 10,234*
Total Webpages Added 391*
     Competition Event Pages Added 107
     Social Event Pages Added 58
     Special Event Pages Added 33
     Misc. Pages Added 93

* Thumbnail views are included in this count

** some pages are non-public - for committee / board use only


NOTE: All webpages for this year retain their original look as originally published
Date Description
12-30-04 Sent proposed website look to Officers & Board for Comments
12-29-04 Changed the Officers page to reflect 2005 Officers, Board and Chairpeople
12-27-04 Archived (removed) all 2002 & 2003 Event Pages
12-17-04 Added more 2005 Calendars
12-13-04 Added the 2004 Christmas Party and Awards Banquet Pages - 9 pages
12-12-04 Added the Bruce Lowrie Toys for Tot Photos
11-16-04 Publicly Published the Progressive Dinner pages
11-14-04 Added the Progressive Dinner - sent to Committee for preview (3 pages)
11-12-04 Added the Tarrant Area Food Bank Info
11-05-04 Added the CCO/COAST OKC Race Event - 6 pages
10-03-04 Added the CTV 3rd Annual Car Show - 8 pages
10-24-04 Added the CCT / Dennison Race Event - 3 pages
10-12-04 Added the 2004 Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend - 12 pages
10-10-04 Updated and added new pics/vids from the Griffin's and Meyer's to the Super Speedway Weekend event.
10-06-04 Added the CTV Super Speedway Weekend Event - 12 pages
10-05-04 Added the Christmas Party & Awards Banquet Invite page
10-04-04 Added the Bruce Lowrie Vette Exhibition Invite page
09-28-04 Added the Progressive Dinner Invite page
09-23-04 Added the SJCC NCCC Racing pages
09-12-04 Added the River City Corvette Club Car Show Pages
09-11-04 Added the Event Pages for Tin Hall Toys and Tejas Vettes Events
09-10-04 Changed the Main Page to honor the victims and heros of 9/11/2001
08-24-04 Added the NCCC Event Pages from OKC - Regional Fundraiser & Summer Sizzler autocross (7 pages)
08-23-04 Added the Texas Raceway Drag - Kennedale, TX Page
08-15-04 Added the 8/14/04 Bruce Lowrie Vette Exhibition and Corvettes at The Diamond Event Pages
08-12-04 Added 4 Recall Notices in the new section of Recalls & Warnings
08-02-04 Added NCCC Event Pages from Killeen (Belton) 4 Pages
07-27-04 Added the first series of Kids Coloring Book Pages and DVD Cost Page
07-26-04 Added the SCCA Solo2 Autocross, Outstanding Male/Female Page and DVD Ordering page
07-25-04 Added the Pottsboro Sonic Corvette Car Show
07-17-04 Added Bruce Lowrie Vette Exhibition Page
07-16-04 Added the 2004 CTV Function / Worker Roster (not public)
07-14-04 Added the Outstanding Male / Outstanding Female Page
07-09-04 Added the Westcliff 4th of July Parade Pages 1 2
07-08-04 Added NCCC Event Pages from Waco - 4 Pages
06-30-04 Added NCCC National Convention (Las Vegas) - 37 pages
06-22-04 Added the 30th Anniversary Celebration Pages 9 pages
06-04-04 Added NCCC Racing pages from OKC 10 Pages
05-28-04 Added page with high-resolution 30th logos
05-27-04 Added page to show Recognition Award layouts for 30th Presentations
05-22-04 Added Panoz Fast Laps pages 5 pages
05-20-04 Added a Computer Tip Page on WINMAIL.DAT
05-17-04 Added NCCC Racing pages for LCC Waco 8 page
05-12-04 Added Pages for Dublin Dr Pepper Cruise 7 pages
05-02-04 Added NCCC Racing pages for Waco 3 pages
04-29-04 Added Big Bend Open Road Race page
04-22-04 Added Internet Explorer - Page Refreshing Settings page
04-21-04 Wichita Falls NCCC Racing pages made public 6 pages
04-20-04 Added additional photos and names to the Wichita Falls pages.
04-19-04 Created an additional 4 pages for the Wichita Falls NCCC Race weekend
04-18-04 Created two pages for Saturday's Drags at Wichita Falls NCCC
04-13-04 The Laps for Charity corrections Don sent out correcting the date from May 1 to May 8th were made on the Main webpage, the May Calendar and the Event page.  A Misc Car Show page was created to capture a few pictures of our Members competing in various Car Show during the year
04-12-04 Susan B. Komen & Stroud Event Pages were made public.
04-11-04 Added 04-10-04 - Susan B. Komen "Race for the Cure", 04-10-04 - NCCC Racing - Stroud, OK - TVS and the 30th Anniversary Group Photo Orders Pages
04-06-04 Added a Software Download Page
04-05-04 Added 4 pages for Mineral Wells Practice Autocross, replaced the Std CTV Logo with the 30th Anniversary CTV Logo - for the remainder of 2004.
04-03-04 Added one page for 30th Anniversary Membership Meeting
03-31-04 Massive cleanup effort (phase II) was completed
03-28-04 Added pages for the Laps for Children's Charity Social & the Dr Pepper Cruise
03-26-04 Added pictures & letter from Capital City Corvette Club in New Zealand.
03-25-04 Started a massive cleanup effort to standardize on the format and structure of every webpage in the website (over 200 pages)  Linked the Wagon Wheel Cruise pages from the Main Webpage.
03-24-04 Added the 6 pages from the Wagon Wheel Cruise (non-announced)
03-23-04 Added the Annual Award Winners, since 1974 and Previous Cowtown Officers & Board Members, since 1974
02-22-04 Added the Open Road Racing page
03-17-04 Added 3 previous Low-Down Articles, linking them from the Site Index page.
03-14-04 Added a non-published page for the Proposed 30th Anniversary NCM Brick and Participant Giveaways
03-13-04 Added pages (non-announced at this point) for the 1974 / Starting Year History of the Club (3 pages)
03-11-04 Added the remaining 6 FW Rod & Custom Car Show Pages
03-09-04 Added the FW Rod & Custom Car Show Entry Page
03-05-04 Added the Announcement / link for Bob & the Road Racing Coordinator
02-13-04 Added the Race for the Cure Info Page
02-11-04 Added the Digital Camera Check-out Page
02-08-04 Added the 30th Anniversary Photo Shoot Event
02-06-04 Added the 4th of July Parade Page, moved 2002 Events photo page to a separate Photo Page.  The 2003 Events photo page was created but won't be implemented until we at least have a couple of 2004 Events to list.
02-03-04 Added the Panoz Event Page
01-24-04 Added the FWRC Event Page, the 30th Event Page & March Prac. Autocross page
01-23-04 Added TMS 2004 Page, the March Social page and the April Social Page
01-21-04 Added a a Vette History page (migrated from Doug's website) which shows a small picture of all years of Corvettes by Generation then by Year.  A Calendar Pending page to house placeholders for upcoming Events.  The March and April Social pages were created for PREVIEW only.
01-20-04 Implemented the 12 New Consolidated Calendars, edited all 108 webpages to place the month bar at the top of each page along with removing the Other Events button and re-arranging the NCCC Events, Competition & Concours buttons.  Additionally, the Site Index page was re-worked to organize it in a more user-friendly arrangement.
01-19-04 Created the remaining Monthly Calendars for Oct, Nov & Dec
01-18-04 Created additional Monthly Calendars for Aug & Sep
01-16-04 Created additional Monthly Calendars for Apr, May, Jun & Jul
01-15-04 A rework of the 30th Anniversary Pages took place along with a rework of the CTV Logo Pages, which moved the Custom Embroidery to a separate page along with adding a few changes on the existing pages based on discussions with our Embroidery Company.
01-14-04 Created 3 Test Event Calendars Jan, Feb & Mar to poll opinions on using this format versus the 4 event calendar pages - so everything is shown in one place.  This was submitted to the Officers, Board & Committee Chairs.
01-13-04 Added 30thPMock-Ups page along with linking it from 30th page.  Added CTV Logo Custom Embroidery Page and removed from Apparel Page
01-11-04 Added Visitors & New Members Page & Rookie of the Year Page along with associated navigational buttons / links
01-10-04 Added 30th Anniversary Magazine Article
01-07-04 Added Site Index, Website History, NCM  Page, 1969 Save the Wave Article, Wave Rules along with associated navigational buttons / links
01-06-04 Added page showing the New Texas Law
01-05-04 Added updated Membership Form and Renewal Form on website
01-04-04 Added 30th Anniversary Group Photo Mock-Up page
01-03-04 Added Visitors and New Members Page

2003 Statistics & Changes

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