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BIG BEND OPEN ROAD RACE 2004 - 4/22-24/04 - PAGE 1

The Annual Big Bend Open Road Race

Big Bend Open Road Race

The race takes place on US Highway 285 South from Fort Stockton to Sanderson and back (about 59.0 miles each way - or 118.0 miles).

Full Race Results


Bob reported that Vettes dominated the field this year


Bill & Bonnie Armstrong

2003 Z06

2nd Place

Provisional Grand Sport

150 MPH Target

23:40.721 Min

@ 149.502 MPH

23:33.957 Min

@ 150.217 MPH


Gary & Janna Ellsworth

2000 Z06

4th Place

Provisional Grand Sport

140 MPH Target

25:18.704 Min

@ 139.856 MPH

25:11.954 Min

@ 140.480 MPH


VIDEO Marty Lay Driver / Melissa Leeth Navigator - avg speed 125MPH

Dial-Up Internet users CAUTION!!!!

This video is 4.2MB and will take time to download if you opt to view it

Marty's Video - Windows Media Version - CAUTION 4.5MB to DOWNLOAD!!!!

Marty Laye

2002 Z06

3rd Place

Provisional Grand Touring

125 MPH Target

28:24.775 Min

@ 124.591 MPH

28:11.705 Min

@ 125.554 MPH


Stan Briney

2003 Z06

6th Place

Provisional Super Sport

115 MPH Target

30:06.222 Min

@ 117.594 MPH

32:09.635 Min

@ 110.073 MPH

Don & Kelly Davis hooking it up down the highway

Don & Kelly Davis

2003 Z06


Provisional Super Sport

115 MPH Target




Wade & Diane Morris, waiting to take their practice run


Wade & Diane Morris

2003 Coupe

2nd Place

Provisional Street Rod

95 MPH Target

37:33.063 Min

@ 94.272 MPH

37:02.238 Min

@ 95.579 MPH


Bob Vance

1996 Convertible

1st Place

Provisional Street Rod

85 MPH Target

41:49.097 Min

@ 84.652 MPH

40:52.636 Min

@ 86.601 MPH


Please email your photos to Doug McMahan

Last Updated: 05-11-04