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to the 6th Annual

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Early / Late Complete Event Registration Price ($40/$50) is per two people, same if you only register for single events - mail in 1/2 of what it shows and we will adjust the Database after you register

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Tech & Check-in Saturday AM, June 3, 9:00 AM

Events: June 3, 2017 - Note: events are Rain or Shine


Fat Daddy's Sports & Spirits Cafe - 781 West Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX 76063

DIRECTION MAP for Event Parking Lot




non-Corvette Sports Cars are welcome to participate

Car Show, Funkhana & Rallyes - we welcome you to join us for these fun events.

Participant's Choice Car Show (1) - In a Participant's / People's Choice Concours, the Corvettes are separated into Classes chosen by the Host Club. Entrants and spectators then vote for their favorite car in each Class. All entrants in a People's Choice Concours shall receive an equal number of entrant points (travel points can vary with the entrant).

Funkhana (1) - Think of a Funkhana as a very low speed autocross-like event with the added features of a navigator to assist the driver and a variety of gimmicks that the driver and/or navigator must perform in order to successfully complete a run. The types of gimmicks that are included as parts of a timed run are only limited by the imagination of the Event Chairpersons as long as they are in good taste and done in the spirit of having fun (hence the name FUNkhana). A little friendly embarrassment of the entrants is okay and can make the Funkhana an exciting spectator event. The entrants may be required to start and stop the car, backup the car, turn the engine on and off, get in or out of the car, operate the seat belts and perform gimmicks in or out of the car while the car is stopped or in motion (safety first!). The gimmicks to be performed may require certain common physical or mental skills but should not favor entrants with a certain physical size/strength or occupation. The course should be set up as to not favor faster cars but rather to exercise the skills of the entrants.  PICTURES FROM OTHER NCCC FUNKHANAS

Chance Rallye (1) [i.e. Poker Rallye] - Chance Rallies are fun Rallies. The usual navigational demands are minimized, courses are relatively simple, average speeds are readily obtainable or unnecessary. There are many varieties. This type of Rallye is scored by CHANCE requirements set up by the Rallyemaster. Questions can be answered almost anywhere, and in any way, depending upon the Rallyemaster and the instructions given in the "Generals."  In a Poker Rallye luck is all important. Several checkpoints are set up and, as each car pulls into the checkpoint, the DRIVER or NAVIGATOR draws the cards. The winner is the car which comes in within the specified time with the highest or lowest, as identified at the drivers meeting, poker hand assembled from the cards drawn.  SAMPLE RALLYE SHEET

Gimmick Rallye (1) - A Gimmick Rallye is one in which the Rallyemaster presents route instructions and questions that the alert Rallyists must follow and answer along the Rallye route. The Rallyists can be required to test out their navigational abilities and match their wit and skill with the Rallyemaster. Answers to questions may be found on either side of the road. This Rallye is scored by following instructions, providing correct answers and being in by the pre-announced time given by the Rallyemasters in the "Generals" or at the Entrants Meeting. This Rallye is NOT scored by any type of CHANCE or unknown factor. Other examples of Gimmick Rallies would be: 1) Scrambled Word Rallye; 2) Photo Rallye; and 3) Landmark Rallye.  SAMPLE RALLYE SHEET


Car Show (participant choice) - Starts: 10:00 AM / ends: 12:00 AM

Funkhana - Starts: 11:00 AM / Ends: 1:00 PM

Rallyes (run simultaneously) - Starts: 1:00 PM / Ends: ~3:30ish


Overall Awards Only: Car Show, Funkhana (2 per team), Gimmick Rallye (2 per team) & Chance Rallye (2 per team)


Required for Funkhana & Rallyes ;)


Hotel Recommendations:
Best Western Plus - Mansfield
Comfort Inn - Mansfield
Fairfield Inn & Suites - Mansfield
Hampton Inn & Suites - Mansfield
Holiday Inn Express - Mansfield
La Quinta Inn & Suites - Mansfield


Saturday Lunch is not provided however Fat Daddy's Sports & Spirits Cafe opens at 11am - local to the event.

Restaurants for Morning & Evening Dining

REGISTRATION:Early Registration must be postmarked by 5/23



EventSWR Number

Event Chairperson

#1SW-054-010Governor or RCD
#2SW-074-008Governor or RCD
#3SW-074-009Governor or RCD
#4SW-074-010Governor or RCD


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Functional Descriptions

If you are not a member of NCCC, NCCC Enthusiast Memberships are available for $35.

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