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COWTOWN VETTES was chartered in February of 1974 and official as a non-profit organization on April 6, 1974. Members that joined the club before April 1974 became charter members. In March 1975, we became affiliated with the National Council of Corvette Clubs as a 100% NCCC club. Cowtown is focused on enabling Corvette Enthusiasts functions of all types to jointly enjoy your Corvette.

CTV By-Laws (Current By-Laws) .(Members Only).

"Something About Cowtown" Flyer (PDF)

What is NCCC? The National Council of Corvette Clubs, popularly known as "N triple C," is an organization of Corvette Clubs in the United States.

As an NCCC member, you will receive a magazine titled Blue Bars Quarterly. Blue Bars is full of club activities (nationwide) and information about the greatest car ever built! Liability insurance for sanctioned club events is also provided by NCCC to its member clubs.

Cowtown Vettes is a Southwest Region NCCC Club - click HERE to see other SW Region Clubs

What is the purpose of COWTOWN VETTES? The general purpose of the club is to encourage planned trips, social activities, and events for members of the club; to act as a source of technical information; to establish rules and regulations covering all activities of the club; to encourage skillful driving on public highways; and to own real and personal property as individuals for the foregoing purposes.

FUTURE CORVETTE OWNERS ASSOCIATION (FCOA) is and affiliated NCCC organization for youngsters up through age 16.  Check out our Current CTV FCOA Member Page

COWTOWN VETTES meets monthly, check our Meeting page for details.  Prior to this, we met for 25+ years at the Coor's Hospitality room at I-35 & Meacham; which closed after it was sold to a larger distributor.

The club publishes a monthly newsletter, entitled The Cowtown Low-Down, which includes information about club and regional activities.

Prospective members must own or at have an interest in the Corvette, must be at least 18 years of age must attend 1 meeting to be eligible for membership. He/she must be voted in by a majority of the members present and must be present at the meeting to be voted in. If you don't own a Corvette but are looking for one and a club to join, Cowtown allows Enthusiast members.

THE NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM (NCM) - Our Club is a NCM Member and we support it thru our club and our members - check it out

Click the Meetings Button to obtain dues, more  info and a membership form.

Write to: COWTOWN VETTES, P. O. Box 1974, Fort Worth, TX, 76101.

Have Questions about Cowtown?  ...drop us an email for a speedy response to your questions about Cowtown.

AUTOCROSS: A race where Corvettes are classed by year, engine type, and modifications. Vehicles run a course with turns, straights, slaloms and various maneuvers against the clock. Cars are run one at a time (no wheel-to-wheel racing).
CRUISES: Fun driving your Vette with others in the club, some are club socials while others are just fun by yourself or with a small group of individuals. Check out the Cowtown Cruiser Program (CCP) which was started in 2005.
DRAGS: This is a wheel-to-wheel competition held on an eighth or quarter-mile drag strip. Class Elimination Drags, Record Drags and E.T. (bracket) drags are NCCC-sanctioned events. NCCC maintains National Drag Records for all classes.
CONCOURS: Show of Corvettes for workmanship, neatness, and cleanliness. Cars are classed by usage (street-driven or show), degree of modification (original or custom), and model year.
FUNKHANA: Same as autocross but slower and usually involves a test of driving skills such as backing and/or driver-navigator teamwork. These are typically NCCC Events, although they aren't numerous.
RALLYE: Involves a test of driving and navigating skills. A driver and navigator negotiate a course on public roads using checkpoints and coded directions (within the speed limits), while answering questions along the Rallye route. Cowtown members participate in NCCC and Club Rallyes.
OPEN ROAD: This type of racing involves driving and navigational skills against a target speed and the clock.

Cowtown presents numerous annual awards to members for Racing, Car Shows, Cruising, Charity Work, Outstanding Members, etc.

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