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To Share & Outline the use of the Club eMail Distribution Lists

eMail Distribution Lists

COWTOWN VETTES utilizes numerous email distribution lists to communicated with members as well as among the various committees.  These email distribution lists are highly valuable for distributing club business and we respect the opportunity to utilize your email address for those purposes. Most of the lists can only be submitted to if you are a member of the list; unlike CTV-Info.

As an example, some of the maintained lists include:

  • all members

  • all visitors

  • all elected officers

  • all committee chairpersons

  • Car Show Committee

  • CTV-Info

  • Bylaws Committee

  • NCCC Events

  • etc...

History: Numerous years ago these lists were what is known as an “open list” which plagued our members with numerous issues some of which included malware & virus email propagation, unsolicited external blasts, jokes, product ADs, etc. The issue was such that due to volume and issues with the content we had members which were opting out of the lists. By doing so, the club lost the ability to keep all members informed on timely and important updates for the club. The decision at that time (years ago) was to change our main two email lists to what is known as a “moderated list”; meaning that each email sent to them is evaluated prior to it being processed. If it is felt that the email content meets the outlined criteria, the email is allowed thru, if not the email is blocked and terminated. While this is a lot of work and effort on your officers and not always received pleasant by the sender, it has proven invaluable in protecting our members from malicious email content and more spam mail.

Non-Permissible Uses:

  • There is hardly a month that goes by that we aren’t successful in stopping a malware and/or virus attack targeted to these club emails lists; sometimes from a member’s mailbox which was hacked.

  • We also receive dozens of emails a week from various people asking us to forward their car show, racing event, product specials, etc. to our membership via email; the volume is sometimes staggering so instead we opt to post most of it on our website for you to find. This includes special invites to another social group's gathering (non-CTV related - i.e. church affiliation, non-club sponsored charity, etc.)

  • Specifically, we post all cars shows and competition events on those webpages so the members that are interested can participate.

  • We do not allow people to post product specials, etc. from non-club sponsors; that violates the space our sponsors occupy and pay for. 

  • We do not promote non-NCCC or non-club-sponsor events that oppose a Cowtown event.

Allowable Use of the Lists:

These lists are NOT available to non-club members for use

  1. Official club business, i.e. changes in meeting information, club chairpersons sharing information, info around items coming up for a vote, etc.

  2. Club sponsored events, like the club socials – 100%er and club sponsored social gatherings that might be of interest.

    1. This also includes club member sponsored events such as the Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend, sponsored cruises and small outings, etc.

    2. These events usually re-occur once annually; they are not weekly and/or monthly events.

    3. These events and their flyer also should not be focused around solicitation of sponsorship to sponsor events.

    4. Special occasion events such as parade invites, etc.

  3. Information about our club members such as illnesses, their immediate family passing, etc.

  4. NCCC related content including event information from any NCCC Club; typically restricted to our southwest region

  5. Info from official Club Sponsors (within the boundaries of the club sponsorship program guidelines)

If you send an email via these lists, especially the ALL or Guests list, we do ask that you state: please send any responses to; to hopefully reduce the number of people replying to all.

To assist with clarity around the content which is allowed for club email distribution lists, we have prepared the following high-level list:

Membership in Lists:

  1. Visitors are added to the Visitor list until they become Cowtown Members

  2. All members are added to the Member list automatically when they join

  3. Committee lists only contain members that the committee chairperson approves

Changing your email address: if you change your email address, please send an email to and you will receive a new invite to join the appropriate lists.

We do hope that this validates use of the lists and which the emails which are allowed through are club-appropriate-content and valuable to you as a member.



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