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 The Funkhana
Carlanne Hickman was the Chairperson for the Funkhana
Donald held the Driver's Meeting and Carlanne took over and explained the Funkhana
The Funkhana was a Mardi Gras Theme getting us all geared up for NCCC Convention this year.  This was a non-driving funkhana but official (per NCCC Rules) a Corvette must be involved in the event, so you started and ended in the Corvette.  Each team was allowed to make two runs. 
Per NCCC Rules, there are four Classes of teams: A=Male / Female, B=Male / Male, C=Female / Female, D=Female / Male
Both Driver and Navigator begin in Corvette by buckling seat belts and raising hands. When starter says “GO”, one entrant will start the timer. Both entrants will exit the Corvette and proceed to the next station. Note: make sure the timer started – if not, you will have to start over.
 Station #1 – Getting Dressed Up
Both Driver and Navigator proceed to to the box where each selects a hat and either beads or boa. These must be kept on throughout the run.
Station #2 - Bead Tossing
No Mardi Gras is complete without beads being tossed from floats and balconies to viewers. At this station the Navigator must toss the “bead” hoops until one of them is caught on the cone. The Driver will retrieve hoops that miss and return them to the Navigator..
 Station #3 – Alligator Hunting
The bayous and swamps of Louisiana are home to many alligators and this one is no exception. Brave hunters seek them out for food and skins.
The Driver is the hunter who must take the pole and loop in hand, stand behind the line, be blindfolded by the Navigator , and then make a 360* turn.
The Navigator will tell the Driver when to stop turning. The Navigator will give verbal instructions to the Driver to guide the loop over the head of the alligator such as forward or backward, up or down, left or right. Once the loop is over the alligator’s head the Driver must pull the loop tight before removing the blindfold.
Station #4 – Boiled Crawfish
Boiled crawfish are a Louisiana food staple but must be cooked to perfection to taste good. Here the Navigator must toss 2 red bean bag “crawfish” into the pot. The Driver will retrieve bags that miss the pot.
 Station #5 – Cooking the Cornbread
No meal is truly Southern without cornbread. BOTH Driver and Navigator must each press the “cornbread mash” into one of the molds to make 2 cornbread sticks. After pressing the mash into the mold, it must be removed and placed on the table.
Station #6 – Walking the Line
The most iconic symbol of New Orleans is “Walking the Line” with high steps, umbrellas, batons, and zydeco or jazz music. The Driver must open the umbrella, hold it high over the head moving it up and down to the music, and leading the Navigator down the line. Navigator will follow with the baton and marching behind the Driver .
When they reach the end, remove hats, beads, and boa placing the umbrella and baton on the ground.
After completing Station #5, the Driver & Navigator returned to the Corvette (leaving doors open), buckle up and then either team member could stop the stopwatch.
 Plenty of spectators on hand for the Funkhana 
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