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Cleburne Air Show

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Photos labeled RD-07/17 were provided by Richard Downing

Photos labeled Visit MACs Digital Art & Photography Website provided by Doug McMahan

 The Air Show kicked off at 4pm 
The Nat'l Anthem and parachutes bringing in the colors
 ...the planes were coming down the runway for their turn in the sky  
we had good location even from where the Vettes were on display 
members out on the return strip watching the showseveral types of aircraft, solo and doubles flew today  
They had motorcycle vs aircraft along with Ferrari & Lambo races with the aircraft 
 Barrel rolls 
 plenty of time to visit with other members in between watching the show and walking around 
 ...or to to go thru the photos you have taken   
for $50 you could take rides in an old military airplane
...or in a "MASH" style helicopter 
 You could have your picture taken inside the cockpit of a fighter plane   
 some let you get in their aircraft ...I liked his fuel gauge  

 After the Dinner Break
started with Hot Air Balloon Glows
 Some planes had laser components on them for night shows   
then we got to watch fireworks off one of the airplanes  

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