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Hosted by Cowtown Corvette Club

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Participant's Choice Car Show (CS), Funkhana (F), Gimick Rallye (GR) & Chance Rallye (CR)

in Mansfield, TX

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Car Show (participant's choice)


Gimmick Rallye

Chance (poker) Rallye


Photos labeled RJS-6/17 provided by Raley & Jo Anne Smith

Photos labeled Visit MACs Digital Art & Photography Website provided by Doug & Glenda McMahan

 The Funkhana
Carlanne Hickman was the Chairperson for the Funkhana
Donald (Event Chair) squeegeeing the water off the Funkhana areaFolks voting for the Car Show while the Funkhana stations were being readied
 spectators gathering for the Funkhana 
The funkhana took you on a Road Trip as you'll see below

this was a non-driving funkhana but official (per NCCC Rules) a Corvette must be involved in the event, so you started and ended in the Corvette.  Each team was allowed to make two runs. 
Per NCCC Rules, there are four Classes of teams: A=Male / Female, B=Male / Male, C=Female / Female, D=Female / Male
 Carlanne gave all the competitors (that wanted to follow along) a walk thru & explanation of the course and activities 
Both Driver and Navigator begin in Corvette by buckling seat belts and raising hands. When starter says “GO”, one entrant will start the timer. Both entrants will exit the Corvette and proceed to the next station. Note: make sure the timer started – if not, you will have to start over.
Station #1 – Map Quest
must determine your route by putting together the pieces of the map. Once completed, both to proceed to next station.
Station #2 - Loose Nut
You discover you have a motor noise due to a loose nut. The Driver must secure all of the missing nuts to their correct bolt before proceeding to the next station. Note: Not all of the bolts will need a nut.
Station #3 – Tail of the Mouse
DRIVER must hold the steering wheel and turn it as if driving through the course while at the front of the noodle. Proceed through the course around each cone until reaching the end. Pivot around the end cone and proceed back through the cones to the starting line. Place steering wheel and noodle on the ground. Go to the next station.
NAVIGATOR must ride behind the driver on the noodle and keep it from touching the ground. If the noodle touches the ground at any point through the course, you must start station #3 over.
NOTE: BOTH entrants must remain ON the noodle throughout the course for this station. If one slips off the noodle, you must start Station #4 over.
Station #4 – Potty Break
After such a scary ride, you both need a bathroom break. One entrant must secure the toilet paper roll between their legs and wait at the line until the other entrant is ready. The other entrant must secure the plunger between their legs and start at the opposite line. When both are ready, they will walk towards each other until the plunger handle is inserted into the roll of toilet paper.
Once inserted, the toilet paper holder can step away so it can be verified that the handle is securely inserted into the toilet paper roll. Once verified the plunger can be removed and both entrants can proceed to the next station.
Note: If either the toilet paper roll or the plunger falls out, BOTH entrants must return to their station #4 starting lines to start over. If task is not completed after 3 minutes, you may proceed to the next station but will have 3 minutes added to your time.
Station #5 – Backpacking on the Trial
Before heading down the trail, the Navigator must place all of the gear into the backpack and zip it up. Once the backpack is closed, both entrants can proceed to the final station; laying the backpack on the ground by the final station.
After completing Station #5, the Driver & Navigator returned to the Corvette (leaving doors open), buckle up and then either team member could stop the stopwatch.
 Plenty of spectators on hand for the Funkhana 
 31 More Photos 

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