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Official Standings as of 12-08-06

The Official Entry Forms are not due to the Chairman until midnight, November 19, 2006, but here are a few members that have been cruising for Cowtown. 

If you wish to have your points validated and posted here and in the Low-Down, provide the Chairman a copy of your entry form and photos at one of the Membership or Board Meetings.

CCP Award Level Definitions

(sorted by Points Standings, then alphabetically by last name)

FINISHParticipantTotal Points
1Doc Lambert176
2Douglas McMahan151
3Glenda McMahan145
4Bob Morrison29
4Cindy Morrison29
5Jan Brefczynski18
5John Brefczynski18
6Brian Plowman17
6Carl Williams17
6Cindy Morrison29
6Donna Rosett17
6Frank Testa17
6Fred Rosett17
6Kelly Johnson17
6Lei Malone Testa17
6Mary Allen17
6Michael Sammet17
6Ron Stearman17
6Roy Allen17
6Sheila Plowman17
6Stan Briney17
6Steve Gilland17
7Bobby Gorman10
7Manda Gorman10
7Paul Meyers10
7Viola Meyers10
7Yvette Lewis10
8Bob Vance6
9Connie Dunn5
9Jack Gandy5


*Note: this only represent cruiser points for "Sponsored Cruises", not other cruising activities, unless they have been reported to the Cruiser Chairperson.

Be sure to get with Doug McMahan for validation of your points, questions, information and posting to the standings


Last Updated: 12-08-06