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Official Standings as of 12-18-05

The Official Entry Forms are not due to the Chairman until November 20, 2005, but here are a few members that have been cruising for Cowtown. 

If you wish to have your points validated and posted here and in the Low-Down, provide the Chairman a copy of your entry form and photos at one of the Membership or Board Meetings.

CCP Award Level Definitions

(sorted by Points Standings, then alphabetically by last name)

PLACECity NameTotal PointsGold LevelSilver LevelBronze Level
1Gorman, Bobby731  
1Gorman, Manda731  
2McMahan, Doug601  
3McMahan, Glenda561  
4Meyers, Paul38 1 
4Meyers, Viola38 1 
4Wells, Don38 1 
4Wells, Nancy36 1 
5Brefczynski, Jan27  1
6Brefczynski, John27  1
6Lambert, Doc26  1
7Rosett, Donna15   
7Rosett, Fred15   
7Anthony, Linda14   
7Anthony, Ted14   
7Fowler, Don14   
7Fowler, Karyn14   
7Greenfeder, Barb14   
7Greenfeder, Red14   
7Green, Bob13   
8Holtzer, Greg12   
8Mason, John12   
8Smith, Cliff12   


Be sure to get with Doug McMahan for validation of your points, questions, information and posting to the standings


Last Updated: 12-18-05